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September 30, 2006

I am DONE!!! I finished my second sock last night! Oh man they are warm and comfy! I’ll put a picture of them up soon. I really don’t know why I didn’t do socks earlier. Hand knit socks are just SO divine!
I am now going to start some socks for Jeremy. Think, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Yep, they will be crimson and blue! I have lots of projects to do right now. I am making bags for friends for Christmas, socks for various people, and I am in a scarf exchange. So…I have LOTS to knit. Just not a lot of yarn.
Now, an update on the job search. The week of October 9th, I will happily be a single Mom! Jeremy leaves on the 9th for Indiana. He gets back on the night of the 10th, and then leaves again on the morning of the 11th for Michigan. He will be back late Friday night. We are really excited.
If we ended up in Michigan, we’d be by Detroit. That would be a lot of fun. I’ve read some really great things about that area, so we are stoked! It’s a pretty small company. Jeremy hasn’t even had a phone interview with them. So, we think they’re pretty serious.
Also, a recruiter called Jer yesterday wanting to present him to a couple different companies. One is in Florida. Ooh, I could handle that!


I’m Domestic.

September 26, 2006

It’s true. I’ve tried to deny it for a long time now. I don’t cook, I hate to clean…about all I do is laundry and even that takes me all week to finish.
However, today, I’ve put all of that to rest. I washed diapers, washed (some) of our mountain of laundry and…ahem…canned 5 bottles of peaches and made 12 jars of jam (or maybe syrup…we’ll see). I am pretty dern proud of myself.
I also have finished one sock (YIPEE!!!) and am cruising right along on the second sock. I would be closer to being done, but I had to tear out the heel. It wasn’t just perfect, so I need to redo it.
I’ll post pictures eventually…but right now I’m too tired!


September 20, 2006

Here we go. Jeremy flies out of here on October 9!!! He has his interview on the 10th and will fly back home that night. I am SO freaking excited! This company is his first choice and he just interviewed with them last Friday. Oh, and there are at least 3 positions open!!!! Please pray for us!!!!

Socks and stuff

September 19, 2006

Oh boy, socks are fun to knit! I love socks!! I am not done yet with my first one…I want it perfect. So, I have ripped it out several times. Well, not really ripped it out (that would mean I had to start over!), but I tinked (Knit backwards). I had it done the other day, but when I put it on, I didn’t like the toe and it was a bit too short. Nothing worse than a short sock…well, maybe a wet sock 🙂

I went to the yarn store this weekend with 2 of my friends. Lori is making a really cool scarf and needed some yarn. Nicole wants to learn to knit, so we got her yarn and needles. It was so fun! I am not buying any yarn right now (hello restraint!!!), so I had fun living vicariously through my friends! I have decided though on my projects when I have yarn money again. I am going to get some baby alpaca (OH how soft!!) and make myself some socks and maybe a scarf. I am also wanting to make myself a poncho, socks for the kids and some socks for Jeremy. I found some BEAUTIFUL yarn that is crimson and blue (KU colors!!!) that I will make some socks and a scarf for my dear husband. If you didn’t know, he has a thing for KU 😉

Now an update on the children. Seth is actually calling me Mama sometimes. Oh wait, he just informed me that “You are not Mom, you are Jack!”. This is from one of his favorite books, “I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track”. I am Jack, he is Ant and Jeremy is Train. It really is funny. He’s taken to calling Amelia “Little Mommy”. It really is hilarious. This morning we got in the car to go to the store and he wanted to sit next to Amelia to “nurse her real quick”. He cracks me up!!!

Amelia is doing great. She is just such a happy baby. She reminds me a lot of Emma. Very laid back (which is a HUGE blessing after having Seth!!!) and just so happy. She gets mad if she’s hungry or poopy (or if Seth is attacking her)…but really she is easy and fun!!!

Jeremy just got a call from Biomet in Warsaw, IN and they want to bring him in for an interview the week of October 9th!!! He isn’t home yet, so he doesn’t even know! 😀 I am just thrilled! Please pray that he gets this job. We would LOVE to live in Indiana. It would be close to both our folks, the cost of living is fantastic and…it’s a JOB! :D:D:D

Now, other Moms will understand this. Today, I ventured to the craft store with my children in tow. Why do I do this to myself and them? As I was walking the aisles of Robert’s Arts and Crafts, I heard several other Mothers saying things such as; “I’m going to count to 3 and you better be over here! 1…2…3!”, and “Put those stickers DOWN!”and “PLEASE Seth, do not touch the candles”. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why, why, why do we take our children to the craft/yarn/fabric store? I remember as a child, my little brother begging NOT to go to the fabric store with my Mom. In fact, he despised it SO much that we just had to tell him we were going to the fabric store if we didn’t want him to come! ha! I attempt to take Seth to the yarn store and craft stores with me. It never ends pretty. From this time forth, I will either A. leave him home with his Dad or with friends, or B. go when Jeremy is home…or maybe C. leave him in the car! HAHAHA!!!


September 16, 2006

I love fall. I love the beautiful change of colors in the trees, the wonderful respite from the scorching summer heat; I love fall. I don’t love winter though. I detest winter. I wish that it could be fall and spring year round.
Today it has been cool. I got to break out some of Emma’s clothes for Amelia to wear. Today she is wearing a sweatsuit that Emma wore ALL THE TIME. I love to see her in it. It barely fits her though. She is really such a big girl 🙂 All that Mama Milk!
I am ready for cool days where we can go to the park and walk with my babies. I love it!!! Hooray for fall!

Jeremy had an interview with Biomet today. It went really well. He said that they were trying to get through everyone as fast as they could so they could get this hiring done. He should know something by the end of next week. Jeremy really wants this job. I mean really. He has researched the company and feels pretty confident that he is a good fit for this company. We still haven’t heard back from Aesculap (sp?) in Pennsylvania and are waiting for another week to hear from Zimmer. They are checking budgets to see who all they can fly out for interviews.

We are continuing to pray that something will come up soon. We are very blessed to have so many family and friends so willing to help us.

All in all, life is good. My kids are healthy, Seth is funny as ever, it’s not so hot outside anymore and I have yarn. Life is good.

Some new pictures

September 13, 2006
Ok, I’ve had requests to see my knitting. So, here are pictures!!

Amelia’s hat

Seth’s Hat (it is being blocked right now so he can’t wear it yet)

My first sock. I’m getting to the tricky part right now. I need to do the heel. I will be really happy when I figure this out and know how to do it. The method I’m doing is called Magic Loop. Eventually (after I learn how to do one sock) I will be able to do 2 socks at the same time! YIPEE!

And finally, Seth and GEORGE!!! Hooray for George. He is making our lives SO much easier! 😀

Ah, sweet success!

September 13, 2006

Seth’s Bye Bye Binkie party was a SUCCESS!!!! Well, at least until bedtime. Then we had weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. However, in the end (after lots of cuddles, snuggles and reassurances) he went to sleep without the binkie and with George. Yes, he got a Curious George doll to carry around instead of his binkies. Hooray! We had cake and ice cream and two of his little friends come over. We really did have a good time. And, there are NO MORE binkies in my house!!!! :D:D:D

Jeremy has an interview with Biomet on Friday morning at 11:00. This is another company in Warsaw, IN. We haven’t heard anything from the other places yet.

Bye-Bye Binkies!!!!

September 12, 2006

Oh yes, this will occur tonight at 7:30. Seth is saying goodbye to his binkies!!! I am THRILLED beyond description. We’ll see how he does with it though. He is getting a small stuffed Curious George and cake and ice cream. Two of his friends will come over for his party. He’s pretty excited about it actually. He keeps saying that he wants to throw his binkies in the trash! Hopefully he will do it tonight and not want to get them back out! 😀


September 11, 2006

Well, Jeremy got a call from the HR lady at the company in PA today. Apparently she is not sure if Charlie (the guy who initially interviewed Jeremy) wants to do another phone interview or do a face to face. So, she has to get in contact with Charlie (who is out of town) then she will call Jeremy and let him know.
My question is this…why did you call on Friday if you didn’t know when or HOW to interview Jeremy?!?!?!?

I Knit…it’s a good thing.

September 11, 2006

I love to knit. Have I mentioned that before? I love that it challenges me. Not that mothering doesn’t challenge me, but when I don’t like how my knitting is going, I can fix it! I can either rip it out, or tink (knit spelled backwards). I get results pretty quickly – good results. It makes me feel better about myself. And – yarn only loves me. The wool loves me and never talks back, hits, screams, steps on Amelia’s head, or cries incessently for me to hold it…wait, yest it does.

I am learning to knit socks. This is more difficult than I thought it would be. Socks are so common. everyone has them. They can’t be THAT hard. But, for me, it is. I have already ripped out my socks 6 times in the last 48 hours. I will get it. When I do, I’ll show you a picture of it!

Seth told me tonight that he wants to knit. Music to my ears! I can’t wait to teach him. I need to learn how to finger knit so I can teach him that first. I think it will be easier for him. I just finished a sun hat for him. The only reason I made one for him is because he really wanted one. I made one for Amelia and it was too big. I gave it to my niece, Tess (she is 11 days older than Amelia, but has a bigger head). So, then I knit another one for Amelia. Seth really needed one, so he got one. I haven’t blocked it yet, so it looks like a ruffle on the brim. My brother, Chip, said that he looks like a woman in it. It will be SO much cuter when I get it blocked.

I went on Friday night to see the Yarn Harlot. She was hilarious. It is nice to know I’m not alone in my obsession with knitting and yarn. Well, I knew I wasn’t alone. I have my sweet sister Stephanie to thank for my obsession. It was fun. If you check back on her site, you’ll see a picture of Amelia. There is an old adage that claims that if an expert knitter places knitting needles in a babys hands, the child will be clever at knitting. So, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (the Yarn Harlot’s real name) placed needles in Amelia’s hands. We were laughing that A didn’t want to let go of them! She has a great future!

Knitting is taking over my sugar addiction. Ok, kind of. It is filling that void by keeping my hands busy. I can’t eat and knit at the same time. I’ve tried, it doesn’t work too well. So, maybe this can be my new diet. The Knitting Diet. I can see it now…it will be the newest fad that sweeps the nation!