Some new pictures

Ok, I’ve had requests to see my knitting. So, here are pictures!!

Amelia’s hat

Seth’s Hat (it is being blocked right now so he can’t wear it yet)

My first sock. I’m getting to the tricky part right now. I need to do the heel. I will be really happy when I figure this out and know how to do it. The method I’m doing is called Magic Loop. Eventually (after I learn how to do one sock) I will be able to do 2 socks at the same time! YIPEE!

And finally, Seth and GEORGE!!! Hooray for George. He is making our lives SO much easier! 😀


2 Responses to “Some new pictures”

  1. Shabby Miss Jenn Says:

    OMG YOU ROCK KIMMY!!!!! Okay now to open your own boutique! Seriously..those are fantastic! I loooove how cuute Seth is! Ahhhh!!!! Your children are just DARLINGS!

  2. Heather Says:

    Adorable hats! And even more adorable kiddos!

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