Socks and stuff

Oh boy, socks are fun to knit! I love socks!! I am not done yet with my first one…I want it perfect. So, I have ripped it out several times. Well, not really ripped it out (that would mean I had to start over!), but I tinked (Knit backwards). I had it done the other day, but when I put it on, I didn’t like the toe and it was a bit too short. Nothing worse than a short sock…well, maybe a wet sock 🙂

I went to the yarn store this weekend with 2 of my friends. Lori is making a really cool scarf and needed some yarn. Nicole wants to learn to knit, so we got her yarn and needles. It was so fun! I am not buying any yarn right now (hello restraint!!!), so I had fun living vicariously through my friends! I have decided though on my projects when I have yarn money again. I am going to get some baby alpaca (OH how soft!!) and make myself some socks and maybe a scarf. I am also wanting to make myself a poncho, socks for the kids and some socks for Jeremy. I found some BEAUTIFUL yarn that is crimson and blue (KU colors!!!) that I will make some socks and a scarf for my dear husband. If you didn’t know, he has a thing for KU 😉

Now an update on the children. Seth is actually calling me Mama sometimes. Oh wait, he just informed me that “You are not Mom, you are Jack!”. This is from one of his favorite books, “I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track”. I am Jack, he is Ant and Jeremy is Train. It really is funny. He’s taken to calling Amelia “Little Mommy”. It really is hilarious. This morning we got in the car to go to the store and he wanted to sit next to Amelia to “nurse her real quick”. He cracks me up!!!

Amelia is doing great. She is just such a happy baby. She reminds me a lot of Emma. Very laid back (which is a HUGE blessing after having Seth!!!) and just so happy. She gets mad if she’s hungry or poopy (or if Seth is attacking her)…but really she is easy and fun!!!

Jeremy just got a call from Biomet in Warsaw, IN and they want to bring him in for an interview the week of October 9th!!! He isn’t home yet, so he doesn’t even know! 😀 I am just thrilled! Please pray that he gets this job. We would LOVE to live in Indiana. It would be close to both our folks, the cost of living is fantastic and…it’s a JOB! :D:D:D

Now, other Moms will understand this. Today, I ventured to the craft store with my children in tow. Why do I do this to myself and them? As I was walking the aisles of Robert’s Arts and Crafts, I heard several other Mothers saying things such as; “I’m going to count to 3 and you better be over here! 1…2…3!”, and “Put those stickers DOWN!”and “PLEASE Seth, do not touch the candles”. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why, why, why do we take our children to the craft/yarn/fabric store? I remember as a child, my little brother begging NOT to go to the fabric store with my Mom. In fact, he despised it SO much that we just had to tell him we were going to the fabric store if we didn’t want him to come! ha! I attempt to take Seth to the yarn store and craft stores with me. It never ends pretty. From this time forth, I will either A. leave him home with his Dad or with friends, or B. go when Jeremy is home…or maybe C. leave him in the car! HAHAHA!!!


One Response to “Socks and stuff”

  1. Shabby Miss Jenn Says:

    WHY OH WHY? LOL I hate draggin kids shopping when they hate it! Oh well! Crossing fingers for IN!!

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