I am DONE!!! I finished my second sock last night! Oh man they are warm and comfy! I’ll put a picture of them up soon. I really don’t know why I didn’t do socks earlier. Hand knit socks are just SO divine!
I am now going to start some socks for Jeremy. Think, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Yep, they will be crimson and blue! I have lots of projects to do right now. I am making bags for friends for Christmas, socks for various people, and I am in a scarf exchange. So…I have LOTS to knit. Just not a lot of yarn.
Now, an update on the job search. The week of October 9th, I will happily be a single Mom! Jeremy leaves on the 9th for Indiana. He gets back on the night of the 10th, and then leaves again on the morning of the 11th for Michigan. He will be back late Friday night. We are really excited.
If we ended up in Michigan, we’d be by Detroit. That would be a lot of fun. I’ve read some really great things about that area, so we are stoked! It’s a pretty small company. Jeremy hasn’t even had a phone interview with them. So, we think they’re pretty serious.
Also, a recruiter called Jer yesterday wanting to present him to a couple different companies. One is in Florida. Ooh, I could handle that!


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