He’s going to Kill her!

Yep, that’s Seth! The child jumped on Amelia today! She was in the bouncy seat and he jumped on her. Oh my goodness. What am I doing wrong with this child that he feels no remorse whatsoever for doing that? He really loves her and just plays way too hard with her. I am pretty frustrated with him today.

On a better note…Jeremy is going to be gone this week. He leaves tomorrow afternoon for Warsaw, IN and has interviews all day (literally) on Tuesday. He gets back here around 11 on Tuesday night and has to leave on Wednesday morning for Michigan. He’ll be back on Friday night. We are really excited. And really praying that something comes of these interviews. Please pray for us….we can’t do this much longer without a job.


One Response to “He’s going to Kill her!”

  1. Sarah L. Says:

    Is this really the first time I have signed your blog? Good grief.

    I am praying for you. We know all too well what you’re going thu… 😦

    I have a very good feeling something will happen soon!


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