Jeremy got back last night around 11:30 from Indiana. His interview with Biomet went really well. It is in Warsaw. He really likes the town and the company. He felt pretty good about it and they will let him know something in a few weeks. He also said that I would like the town a lot. It is a smaller town…for those who know Lawrence, KS, he said it is about half the size of Lawrence. Nice size. It has a Super Walmart and Kohls…what more could I ask for?? 🙂
This morning, we left at 7:00 am for the airport again. Jeremy flew out to Michigan for an interview with College Park Industries. He is there until Friday. 3 day interview. I spoke to him briefly tonight and he said that it is an interesting interview. The gentleman who flew him out actually told him that he isn’t even sure if they have a position for Jeremy yet. I am a bit confused by this, why would they spend the money to bring him out for 3 days if they don’t even have a position?? But, Jer said that maybe if this guy likes Jer, he’ll find a job for him. We’ll see. Something will happen.

As for me…I’m hanging in there. It is hard with 2 little ones, that is for sure. I am sitting here typing when I should be folding laundry, doing dishes, and doing some good cleaning. But, I want to drink my chamomile tea and then knit and watch tv.

Seth said the funniest thing today – my friend Nicole came over with her daughter Eve. Seth usually plays “Grandma and Grandpa” with Eve’s sister, Aurora. But, today Aurora was at preschool. So, Seth settled for Eve. He kept saying, “Grandma and Grandpa are coming over”. Then he finally said, “Mom, Greg and Marge are here”. I started laughing so hard. He was Greg and Eve was Marge. Greg and Marge are Jeremy’s folks. He is such a nut. I had to call him Greg for the longest time. Then, he saw the cow costume my Mom bought him and had to wear it. From then on he was Cowie…oh, until we saw Aurora tonight, then he was Grandpa Cowie. What a silly boy.


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