5 Years

That is how long we’ve been married. Yesterday was our anniversary. We were talking and just can’t believe all that has happened in our short marriage. We both thought that we’d be in a different place (physically and financially) by this time. But, when it comes right down to it, there is no one else that we would rather do this with. I am so glad that I have Jeremy by my side during these really hard times. Our entire marriage he’s been in school (with the exception of one year when he was getting ready to go to grad school) – that is hard. So, we’ve had school, the birth of all 3 of our children, the death of one, 5 moves and a good dose of unemployment in 5 years. It’s hard…but we are blessed. We have 2 very healthy, very happy children. We still have a place to live. We can still pay our bills. Our credit cards were totally paid off so that when we needed to live on them again, we could. We have family and friends that are so generous and help us a ton. So, yes…through it all, we are blessed.

We are still waiting. This waiting game is really hard. Jeremy’s interview with Biomet was last Tuesday. He will call next week to see if they know anything yet. He’s being a very good squeaky wheel. So, hopefully I will have more of an update next week about employment.

Seth loves The Little Mermaid these days. I can’t say as I blame him. Our Bishop’s family lent us their copy (their kids are a bit too old for the movie and not interested in it) this week and Seth and I LOVE to watch it!!! It reminds me of when I was young and my little brother, Rob, and I used to play Little Mermaid. I was Ariel…he was everyone else! 🙂


One Response to “5 Years”

  1. Meemaw Says:

    You really need to consider a writing career-I love reading your posts and I can just feel your humor. You have many blessings and I am grateful you are hangin’ in…the waiting game is so hard!


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