We got costumes for the kids yesterday in the mail. Jeremy’s Mom made them, oh they are SO cute!!!

Yep, we’ve got Roo and Piglet!!! Here are some more pictures –

Aren’t they cute?!?! Jeremy will be Tigger and I will be Kanga (of course) to round out our real live House at Pooh Corner! As soon as Seth put on his Roo costume, he started hopping around the house. He loves to wear it and is SO excited to be Roo!!!

Let’s see…what else is going on with us? Not much. Still waiting to hear from Biomet. Hopefully this week, if not, then something next week for sure. Jeremy is going to call tomorrow if he doesn’t hear anything today.

Here’s my cool story for the week. Just proves that the Lord is watching out for us. Just now how we expect. We’ve joined the Utah Community Food Co-op here. I went on Saturday and volunteered to help with the pick up. When we were done, there was a bunch of meat, bread and lentils left over. I started helping one of the workers pack it up. I asked him what they would do with the left over food. He told me that he would take it home, put it in his freezer and try to find someone who was in need and give it to them. I thought that was a good idea, and continued to help him pack up. As we were getting ready to go, he asked if we knew of anyone who could use this food. I replied (very quietly), um, we could. I explained that my husband is out of work and that it would help us a lot. He said, “Wonderful! Will all of this fit in your freezer?”. I told him we’d make room. So, now we have enough meat to last us for another month or so. Thank heavens for this!


One Response to “Halloween”

  1. Lori Says:

    That is a pretty cute little “Pliget”. I can’t wait to taste Jeremey’s chili on Saturday… you guys are going right?

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