Buzz Who?!?!

Today Seth watched Toy Story for the first time. He loves Buzz Lightbeer. Yes, you read that correctly, Buzz LightBEER! He is just hilarious!

We went to Boo at the Zoo this morning. Ok, Amelia, Seth and I went. We joined our friends, the Lairds. Seth had a great time. I had fun with Nicole. However, I decided I will never do anything like that by myself again. Due to financial constraints, Jeremy didn’t go. (Seth was free and I got in on the Laird’s zoo pass). Seth had a lot of fun though. He got to wear his costume and get candy and see the animals! What more could a little Roo ask for??

I loved hearing people’s reactions when they saw us. Oh, there is Roo and Piglet! However, there were some not so intelligent types, who said the following, “Look! It’s a mouse!”, or “There is Piglet and some other kind of animal”, and one of my favorites, “Is he a small wallaby or a kangaroo? Better get back in your cage!”. Ok, seriously?? Do kangaroo’s wear blue shirts?!?! Come on people. Oh, and someone thought Amelia was a rabbit! A pink rabbit with pointy ears and a suit that looks JUST LIKE PIGLET!!?!?!?! It was comical.

Tonight we have our church halloween party. I have been working for the last 2 days on Jeremy’s costume. He will be Tigger. I’ll post pictures, I promise. Everyone has pretty elaborate costumes except for me. I’m Kanga, wearing a brown shirt and pants and some ears. It’ll be good. I’ll post pictures tomorrow or Monday!


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