Still waiting…

So, Jeremy called Biomet on Monday morning. The lady that he spoke with told him that 3 of the 4 positions had been filled and that he should call back on Friday afternoon. So, we waited…it was a long week….and he called back on Friday afternoon. She wasn’t there. He left a message and then called back another 4 times…she wasn’t ever there and she never called him back. So…we wait. We’re getting good at that.
We’ve been pretty discouraged this week, but despite it all, I still feel really good about Indiana. I will be surprised if he doesn’t get the job with Biomet. I am not sure yet what we’ll do if he doesn’t get this job. I think that he is going to be going to Temp agencies this week. Then…well, I’m not sure. But, we do know we need some money now.

I wrote last week that I’d be taking Amelia for her 4 month check up on Monday. Well, I did. She’s a pork chop for sure. She weighed in at a healthy 17 lbs. 8 oz. and 27 inches long! She is much bigger than Emma was at this age and quite a bit bigger than Seth at this age! She’s my Fatty McFats for sure! 😉 She got two shots and did really well. She cried (duh) but nursed right after and was just fine after that.

Seth is his normal funny self. He did something yesterday that Jeremy and I were cracking up at, but neither of us can remember what it was now! :/ I really should write these things down before I forget them! He was playing with a little girl, Calla, at church today. He was Dad and she was Mom. The kid has the best imagination. Driving to and from Walmart and going shopping all the time. He is a nut!

Jeremy and I have jumped on the “24” bandwagon. We have never watched it, but both of our parents love the show. We’ve heard so many good things about it that we checked out the first season from the Library. We were up until 11 last night watching the first four episodes. Man is it good and suspenseful! We love it!!!

I can’t believe it’s already November! We’ve been thinking about what we are going to and want to get for the kiddos for Christmas. We’ve decided that they don’t need a lot, so we will get them one gift for the two of them and then they will each get another gift, a book, and a handknit item from Mom. is what we want to get the kids.
For the both of them – Play Silks. One of my friends wants to get some for her girls, so we are going to get the bundle of 12 and split them. I think that these will be a hit!
For Seth, Jeremy wants to build him a train/lego table. Then, we want to get him a couple of these lego mats. He loves to play with Legos, so we think he would really like this.
For Miss Amelia, I want to get her a doll. But, not just any doll, a special doll that will last forever. I have found this one and love it!!! Hopefully by the time I can get it they won’t be sold out. Oh, and I’ll get it in pink 🙂
They will each get some kind of book and I will make them slippers or something like that.

Now, if Jeremy gets a great job soon and we can afford it, we will get the kids this instead of the silks. Target has such a great selection of kitchen accessories for this and wooden food. They even have a toaster and microwave!! I love it! If we can’t get it for them for Christmas, maybe we’ll get it for their birthdays.

Ah the holidays. I love them, I really do. And now, I need to go make dinner. Why do these people all think they need to eat??


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