Here’s the scoop

Jeremy is still looking for work. He went to a couple temp agencies today and hopes to get something from those. He is also applying at every medical device company in Utah. Something has to come up.
Amelia outgrew her infant carseat this week, so we had to get a new one for her. So, she and Seth are now in the same kind of seats and are both rear facing. We’ve had to be pretty creative with how we are putting them in the car. Hopefully as soon as Jer gets some work we can get a van.
Right now, I am knitting up a storm. I am trying to raise some money to fund our Christmas and maybe even pay a few bills. So, I am knitting some bags. I made one last night and I love it! I will sell them in a couple boutiques this holiday season. I also sold one at Wild Oats today. I was there and a lady asked me about my bag. She’s going to call me and tell me what color she wants and I will make one for her! Thank heavens for these small talents!


2 Responses to “Here’s the scoop”

  1. Jen Says:

    Hi Kim! I wanted to tell you how much I like to read your blog. I liked your blog so much, I started my own. I tried to email you the link, but I must have an old email address. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. BTW, why is Seth still facing backwards in his carseat? Just curious.

    Jen Shipp

  2. LoriVanWagoner Says:

    See – he does listen sometimes. šŸ˜‰

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