Houston, we have INTERVIEWS!

So, last Thursday, Jeremy had an interview with Zimmer, a company in Indiana. For those who remember, he interviewed with them in September, they liked him and wanted to bring him out, but the job was canceled due to budget issues. Well, they interviewed him for a different position last week. They called today and want to bring him out for an interview!! YIPEE!!

Then, on Friday a company in Logan, UT called. They did a phone interview with him on Friday. The gentleman he spoke with said that they originally wanted someone with more experience, but if the right person came along, they’d work with them. He has a phone interview with the rest of the team tomorrow at 4. Man, it would be awesome if he got offered both jobs and we could PICK where we lived!

Both places have perks, so we’ll have to pray about it and decide where we really need to be right now. Keep us in your prayers please!

As for us…I’m sick, the kids are sick…man I hate colds! I don’t like wiping runny noses. My babies don’t like it either. 😦

I’m trying to get some knitting done and quick! I am making some beautifully sweet booties for my friend Sarah’s little baby girl, Zoey. I am hoping to get them out this week and she can have them before she turns 4 weeks on Saturday! 🙂 Then, I have a purse to make, a headband, a scarf and a shawl. All before my birthday on February 11.

Speaking of my birthday…I’m going to be 30 this year. Kind of a big one. I am excited to be 30. I have always loved my birthday. It is a great time for me. A time of reflection and goal setting. Watch for an upcoming post…30 things about me, just in time for my birthday!


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