Ahhh…finally a moment!

I haven’t been able to blog how I want to in a few days. We either have only had dial-up, or the kids have needed me…we’ll see how much I get done this morning though. I have a feeling that A is close to melt down mode 🙂

Ok, we’ve had lots of fun this month!! S is obsessed with CARS, so I decided to make Radiator Springs in his bedroom! We’ve got the race track, Lightning’s house, Luigi’s, Mater’s, The Cozy Cone, Doc’s, and a Corvette House (he has some corvette’s that had to be included!).

Last weekend was relatively warm, in the upper 40’s, so we went to the park! Man, we had fun, all of us!

Check our family website for more pictures of this fun day!!!

My birthday was on Sunday (thank you all for the birthday wishes!). I got some new headphones for my iPod. I love listening to audiobooks while I knit at night. It is really so relaxing for me. I keep stealing Jer’s headphones, so he got me some nice ones for myself! Here are some pictures of my yummy cake

Of course, I have to have a picture of my little man eating the cake. He really liked it…so much that he had to eat my LAST PIECE of it!

My birthday party is on Saturday, so I am sure I’ll have more pictures to show of that soon!!!


2 Responses to “Ahhh…finally a moment!”

  1. Shabby Miss Jenn Says:

    OMG! Loook at you go! Looove that Cars scene you did! So neat! Okay girl..totally LOVING that pic of you and your babies! OMG that is one awesome picture! And no fair..you can’t make me drool at that Oreo cake this early in the morning!!! LOL

  2. Lori Says:

    I loved our tape town. Cohen thought it was SO COOL. Keeps them busy for hours. 😉

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