Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! I had a fabulous birthd…

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! I had a fabulous birthday (on the 11th) and party yesterday!! Oh my goodness, you all will be so JEALOUS when I tell you what my husband did. But first…A’s sweater!

Here it is blocking on the 11th. After this I had to do the hood, all the seaming and buttons! It took me almost another week to get that done. Life just gets so crazy!!

But…VOILA! I finished it!! My goal was to have it done for my party at 3:00 on the 17th. I weaved in the last end at about 11 am!

And, it gets better…look at it on my BABY!!

Here are the specs –
Yarn: Patons Marino Regency colorway and Cascade 220 Brown Heather colorway.
Needles: Size 7 and 8’s Knit Picks Options
Baby: Just too cute for words 🙂

Ok, now to my party.

Look at what my Mom made for me. I don’t really have a great place for it in my little apartment (but it is on my wall). I think it is just so cute though!

So, my husband can be pretty darn creative. He made me a wonderful cake, invited tons of my family and friends…and surprised me. I was beyond surprised really. We have a friend, Mike (Lori‘s husband) who is a graphic artist. He and Mike have been working on something since Thursday. He kept joking with me telling me it was a marble sculpture of me. Ooh, that is something I want 🙂
So, imagine my surprise when he comes into the room where my party was being held and said that he had a surprise for me. And… I needed to go outside. So, out I went with everyone looking so excited…and this is what I saw

A PINATA that looked like YARN! WOW, that is so cool! Just to give you an idea of how big it was, here’s a picture of it next to my head 😉

So, I start swinging at this thing, and all the sudden Nicole and Stephanie get a bit nervous looking, converse and tell me to stop. One of Stephanie’s kids goes to their van and gets out a big blanket and they put it under the pinata. I start thinking..could this be what I think it is?? Could it be that there isn’t candy in here?? Could it be something else?? I dared not to hope, but just kept whacking away (and letting all the kiddos there do the same).

When it finally opened…here is what I found

30 BALLS, SKEINS and HANKS OF YARN!!!!!! OH.MY.GOSH! I was stunned, happy, no, really, those words don’t do justice to how I was feeling. I had sock yarn, worsted weight, bulky, you name it…all sorts of wooly goodness!!! I got the pink and brown Lorna’s Laces that I was coveting over at Simply Sock Yarn, I got Socks that Rock January One Colorway (ooh, I love that!), I got some fabulous Rowan, Manos Del Uruguay, and lots of others!!! 30 balls for 30 years.

Here I am at home, in my bed, with my yarn. I love my husband! He totally surprised me. Now he has 10 years before he has to top himself 😉


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