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We’re Set!

March 19, 2007

We found a great house to rent this weekend! It is 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 1900 Sq. feet on 1/3 an acre! I am really excited! It will be 1.5 miles from Jer’s work, so he can ride his bike!!! We move in on March 26…yes, one week from TODAY! EEEK!

Ok, here are pictures!!!

Here is the front of the house (duh!)

This is the detached HUGE garage!

Here is the view of the backyard from the gate by the garage.

See my garden spot?? I can taste the fresh veggies now!

Isn’t this just a great spot? I can’t wait to put a bench here and have my quiet place 🙂

Here is looking at the house from the far end of the backyard.

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Decisions, Decisions…

March 15, 2007

And, we’ve decided…ready? We’re going to Logan. We feel really good about this decision and while the money is the same with either company, this is where we feel that Jeremy and I both would be happiest. We really are thrilled. We’re going up on Saturday to look for a place to live and to visit Jer’s grandparents. Yeah, did I tell you that his Mom’s folks live there? This will be nice. We can visit them, help them around the house and be close enough to all of my good friends in Salt Lake! We are just thrilled beyond belief. What a huge weight off our shoulders!

When it Rains…

March 14, 2007

It POURS!! And, this time it’s good pouring! Jeremy got the official offer from Zimmer today. After he got off the phone with me, he called Medicine Lodge and told them the offer from Zimmer. They told him that they could at least match the offer. So, where does this leave us? Well, with Zimmer he would be working on hips. At Medicine Lodge he would be researching and developing new devices and technologies in all medical devices (not just hips). So, both companies are overnight fedexing the offers. So…we STILL don’t know where we’re going! I know what everyone is voting for…my siblings and friends are voting for Logan, my folks and Jer’s folks, and his sister are voting for Indiana. Us? Well, we really aren’t sure yet. We’ll have to look at the offers and do some serious contemplation and praying about this. Like I said, when it rains, it pours!

Oh, she’s SO cute!

March 12, 2007

Amelia is signing “Dad” all the time now. It is SO cute! She says, “Dah” and signs Dad!!! She just melts my heart.
Seth melts my heart too. But, he really makes me laugh so hard. Today at church, I walked by the nursery and overheard the teachers asking the kids who wanted to say the prayer for the snacks. I hear my little man say, “I will!”. So, of course, I have to listen. here is what I heard: “Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for blessings, name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” He is so cute! He will just break into song and/or dance all the time too, he is so funny!!! I really do love being a Mom.

So, I never thought I’d want to stay in Utah. Really, I didn’t. When we moved here, I said that there is no way I would want to raise my family here. I don’t like being a Mormon in Utah. It is a completely different culture here and it is hard. There are many (note I am not saying all, just many) people who are “Utah Mormons”. They are a different breed. They are the people who ask when they meet someone for the first time, “Oh! Are you LDS? What’s your calling?” (for those who don’t know, ours is a lay ministry, so everyone helps out. What you do to help is called your calling in our church). Anyhoo, it drives me nuts. When we moved here when I was in high school, I hated it. There were people who were mean because I wasn’t from Utah (I know, I know, that happens anywhere you move in high school). But, I also found that so many people took the church for granted here. There are Temples everywhere around here, and people don’t go. The kids had seminary (bible classes for kids age 14-18) DURING SCHOOL! Now, for those who are not from Utah, have to go to early morning seminary. Mine was at 5:30, Jeremy’s was at 6:00…in the morning! So, when kids wouldn’t go, it made me so mad!
Then, there is the weather. I hate the inversion. Every year, we get the nasty weather that lasts for months on end. I hate it.
However, my family and friends are here. Not to mention, Emma. As we get ready to move, I am realizing how much I am going to miss Stephanie, Chip and their kids, my sister Cristin and her family, my brother Rob and his family and so many of my dear friends I’ve made here. Who will I play with when we move? I know, I’ll make new friends, but I won’t have Nicole, Lori, Lindsey…I won’t have my fabulous neighbors that I have now (hi Tiffany!)…it really is sad. I am trying not to think about it too much, but it’s hard. This is going to be a really big transition for all of us. I think it will be hardest on me though. *sigh*

Good News!

March 9, 2007

We’ve gotten some good news today!!! So, I have been contemplating the fact that I may have to drive 1500 miles by myself with my 2, I mean children. Well, Jeremy spoke with the relocation department today and HOORAY!! They will fly all of us out, ship our cars, and give us rentals until our cars get there!!! HOORAY! Oh, and they should be able to get us moved by the end of the month. Yipee! Hopefully by next week we will have all our plans cemented.

SO Frustrating

March 6, 2007

Oh.My.Gosh. I am SO frustrated!!!!! Ok, so Zimmer told Jeremy on Friday that they want him to start on April 2nd. Fine. They said that he would get the official offer (meaning, tell him how much they want to pay him) on Monday, Tuesday (today) at the latest. Great. Yesterday, nothing. Today, he finally called them and the girl told him that there are 2 more people who have to sign off on the offer. The guy who has the offer right now is out of town until next Monday. And, one more person still has to see the offer and say it’s ok. Oh, and they still want Jeremy to start on April 2nd. Um…how is that supposed to work????? Oh, and to make matters even better?? We gave our notice on our apartment already and have to be out March 31.

So, I asked Jeremy to call Medicine Lodge (company in Logan) and see what was going on with them. We’d decided that since they did their last on site interview on February 19, and he hadn’t heard anything yet, that Logan was out of the picture. Well, he called today and the guy he spoke with told him that they were still doing onsite interviews (whoever told him the 19th was on drugs) until Friday, but that they were seriously considering him for one of the positions.

So, what does this all mean? That he has no official offer from either company. Two companies who are interested, one whose said they want him, but no one is willing to give us numbers. Oh, and we have no place to live in 3 weeks. Ah, my life is SO fun.

We have a date

March 2, 2007

Jeremy will get the official offer on Monday, Tuesday at the latest. If all goes well, they want him to start April 2nd. Yes, one month from today. So, I have one month to look for, find a place to live, get my house somewhat clean, have the movers come and pack up all my worldly goods, move, unpack and get somewhat settled before Jeremy starts work. There may not be much knitting happening in the next month. I’m tired just thinking about what I have to do!