Decisions, Decisions…

And, we’ve decided…ready? We’re going to Logan. We feel really good about this decision and while the money is the same with either company, this is where we feel that Jeremy and I both would be happiest. We really are thrilled. We’re going up on Saturday to look for a place to live and to visit Jer’s grandparents. Yeah, did I tell you that his Mom’s folks live there? This will be nice. We can visit them, help them around the house and be close enough to all of my good friends in Salt Lake! We are just thrilled beyond belief. What a huge weight off our shoulders!


4 Responses to “Decisions, Decisions…”

  1. Lori Says:

    I am glad you are stickin’ around so we can still be real buddies and not just blog buddies. 😉 CONGRATS!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Doing a happy dance for you!

  3. Nicole Says:

    I have done several happy dances (all for me of course!!) I really am happy for you guys too….I’ll do your happy dance later! 🙂

  4. Jen Says:

    Congrats on finally knowing what’s going on! I’m so happy for you, and I’m glad you’ll still be in Utah, then I will probably be able to see you again!

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